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Source Smarter with Verified Suppliers
Here are 4 ways Global Sources can help grow your business

Verified Suppliers let you source with more confidence We ensure each supplier is authentic with a legally registered business We confirm that the listed contact person represents the registered company We visit the company 3 or more times to ensure they are export-ready, and have real offices and products We check that the company information is valid and accurate We reject any suppliers that do not meet the standards of our community, and We work closely with intellectual property rights holders to remove any infringing products listed



Alibaba & TrustPass®

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TrustPass Profile

TrustPass® serves to provide transparency regarding the identity and legitimacy of your trading partners on Alibaba.com.


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Feature Products

ACETATE EYEGLASSES FRAMES Acetate material can assume a large array of colors, textures and patterns, making your eyeglasses fashionable and unique. ... ...
METAL OPTICAL FRAMES Monel, Nickel silver  and Stainless Steel  are highly lustrous, and makes a good thin and sturdy eyeglass frame with strong corrosion resistance... ...
FASHION SUNGLASSES High quality Sunglasses made from Acetate and metal, Designer style and top quality for 2012 new season... ...
READING GLASSES The eyeglasses frames hold lenses that are used only for reading (near vision), Reading glasses are becoming very fashionable... ...